Top Tip for Small Businesses – Local SEO with Google My Business

NB – I will preface these tips with the note that they are not in-depth technical pieces and are a quick taster to help small businesses get more traffic to their sites and help create more sales.

Has everyone registered their Google My Business page? No/Yes. I would suspect that many people out there still haven’t taken advantage of this free opportunity from Google.

Now Google don’t always get it right and Google Plus definitely was not one of their finer ideas. They tried to create a social media type of thing but it wasn’t one thing or another, well anyway and it just didn’t work and get the traction they were expecting.

Now Google My Business has been developed over many years and Google are now giving it so much preference that you can get to a good position on Google quite easily just by registering your company.

So what do you need to do? It’s as simple as putting and it walks you through the setup process. Now here is where the creative bit comes in. If you put your services in the title then Google will treat that as good SEO keyword juice.

For example; think of your company name, service and area and make that the name of your Google My Business (GMB) name.

Eg; A company name of Forward Construction that is based Birmingham (forgive me if this is an actual company name) would normally have the title as Forward Construction when in reality on GMB it would be better called Forward Construction Builders Birmingham as Google will take into consideration all of the words for Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) and therefore be found for more searches than just the name.

You will need to verify its existence by phone or by a postcard mailed to you but in no time at all you could be appearing on the local searches of potential customers by spending some time completing your details.

Now the way this differs especially from Google Plus is that you can add products on there, so it is effectively a mini website and you can add posts on for offers for whatever you like completely free. These posts last 7 days so it will also remind you to refresh your post when the 7 days are up.

Your phone number is directly linked to the button and therefore a mobile user can call you in one click.

Now you need to keep active on it because Google will put you on the naughty step by deranking you if it is left static.

So what are you waiting for, do it today, you’re missing out on people that are search for your products in your area.

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