The Importance Of Property Inspections

Never forget the importance of property inspections.  An inspection of a tenanted property might only take a few minutes once you are there but can give you peace of mind as a property manager and as a landlord.

So you have found a tenant and done lots of referencing, the new tenants look great and everybody is happy!  What could possibly go wrong??

Well, lots…..

We have seen it over and over again where tenants who look great and have passed referencing, dont turn out to be quite as clean cut as the landlord might have wanted.  Some of the agents that we work with are therefore doing the first property inspection after just 2-4 weeks of the tenants moving in.  This means that they have unpacked and got settled in.

So what can an inspection this early tell you?

Lots of things can be looked at, at this stage of the tenancy,

  • how many people have actually moved in (is it more than what are named on the tenancy agreement?)
  • do the tenants have a pet? Is this ok with the landlord and was it discussed beforehand
  • how clean is the property?
  • have they casused any damage when moving furniture in?
  • are there any repairs which the tenants have noticed need doing?

If an inspection is done after 3 or 4 months and the tenant plans on leaving after the initial 6 month fixed period AST it might be too late to address some of the issues.

property repairs, property inspections manchester, hanndyman manchesterImportantly, doing regular property inspections is the perfect opportunity note any repair issues and then arrange to get us to complete them for you.  Leaving these minor items can lead to an uphappy tenant or a problem getting worse, such as a leak.

Addressing a small repair is easier and cheaper than a problem being left for a long period of time, this isnt good for anyone, the tenant, the landlord or the property manager!

Tenants can sometimes get used to little issuesin a property and just live with them without reporting the issue, so its really important to ask them about the property when you visit, “are there any issues with the property that you have havent reported, even small issues?”

If you have done a property inspection and need a quote for the works required, then get in touch.  We cover all trades and complete works to a high standard.




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