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No matter how good a tenant you have and how well they have looked after your property, if they have been there for some time there will enviably be some wear and tear and minor repairs. 

The carpets may need cleaning or replacing, and the walls might have started to look a little grubby!

Reletting to a good tenant means that you will want to show your property in the best possible condition which helps to reduce the void period and add curb appeal to make your house or apartment stand out from the rest.

If there are 2 apartments in the same building available and one is refurbed and looks good whilst the other is looking tired and dated.  Which do you think will let first?  Would a tenant with high standards and expectations live in a property that wasn’t in a great condition?

We have refurbished many properties which range full repainting and new carpets to more extensive works, including rubbish removal, pest control, upgrading kitchen and bathrooms and minor repairs.

Rather than trying to co ordinate multiple trades we can cover everything and will provide a free quote for all the works required.

Even if your property just needs a deep clean we are here to help.  One of the major factors that can put a tenant off renting a property is the cleanliness.

Presenting a clean and tidy, well looked after property sets the tone of what you expect and how the tenant should treat the property. Tenants want to know that they are renting from a good landlord who will get works done as they are required.  The best way to illustrate this is to show your property in a great condition at viewing stage, that way you are showing the tenant that the property is looked after and that you expect it to continue to be looked after.

We work with many letting agents and private landlords to get property back on the market fast after tenants leave.

If you are looking for a property refurb company in the Manchester area to refurb your property, please get in touch to see how we can help you.  We will listen to your requirements and work with you to get your property ready to re let as soon as possible.  We can also look after any ongoing maintenance in the property if required.

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