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There are many types of pest issues in residential properties. We offer a professional pest control services in Manchester covering all the usual problems;


They build nests basically where ever takes their fancy but unfortunately, it’s common that your home is where they choose as well. As wasps can be very unpredictable it is best to not try and treat them unless you have the correct equipment and knowhow. If you think you have a wasp nest or infestation in a property call us so that we can deal with it safely and professionally.

rat treatment manchesterGenerally they are light to dark brown/grey in colour with paler belly. Their tail is usually shorter than their body but appears quite thick and is nearly always darker on top. Their snout is blunt and their ears are small and furry. They are large, robustly built animals with an average weight of 450g. Rat droppings are around 2cm in length and are much larger than mouse droppings and usually found in groups. Rats will produce up to 40 droppings per day, their life span is much the same as a mouse but their litters are up to 3-6 per year with 8-10 young per litter which reach maturity in 8-10 weeks meaning that if left the problem can multiply quickly.  Watch out for signs of rats, external to your property, they will gnaw of wood and plastics etc..

cockroach treatment manchesterFinding a cockroach can be extremely distressing, finding lots of them, well.. your going to need our help quiet quickly!
They are often found in the home and are problematic to businesses. Especially in the catering sector because they carry diseases such as salmonella, typhoid and dysentery. Infestations have also been linked to skin disorders such as eczema and asthma. The most vulnerable to infection are children and the elderly.  Cockroaches are one of nature’s tough survivor species, they adapt extremely quickly and many ‘do it yourself’ products will fail because they are not up to date. These insects are also good at finding refuge to escape such measures.

Ant control manchesterAnts can travel large distances with pieces of food. It’s a bit annoying if it’s your food they’re taking. They can travel into your food cupboards and leave a trail for more ants to arrive, leading to an infestation. While there are ways to stop the infestation yourself, its more effective in the long run to get a professional to resolve the issue once and for all. Ants are cosmopolitan creatures and they are most active during the warm months of the year. If you spot an ant or two around your home, then their numbers will surely grow soon. The first ones are called “scouts” and their job is to seek food, then “report” to the nest which is probably somewhere just outside your home.

Fleas are always nasty to find, because they can give you and your beloved pets rashes and bites. All they want is to leech off blood and will search for humans and animals to do so. Once you find fleas, its best to get professional help to find the source of fleas before they reproduce and spread even quicker, as they lay lots of eggs.

Flies can potentially carry diseases. Because of this, they could be a health risk to humans and pets. At times, an infestation may break out and it can get in the way of your every day life. They can bite you and leave you with itch and bites, they sit on your food and could potentially transmit diseases, so its best to seek professional help to end the infestation once and for all.


bed bug treatment manchesterAfter hatching the bed bug goes through several stages that resemble the adult, though they are smaller in size. A newly hatched nymph is almost colourless. Engorged nymphs are reddish and swollen. Bed bugs usually hide in cracks or mattresses during the day and emerge at night to feed. They inject saliva as they feed. An allergic reaction to the saliva often causes slightly delayed swelling, itching, and burning which may persist for a week or more.

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