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What pests are found in the UK?

Throughout the year, a variety of invading creatures such as pigeons, mice, bed bugs, fleas, and wasps are found in different parts of the United Kingdom. Some of these pests appear in cold months and some in warm days.


The following are commonly found pests in the UK

Rodents: Mice and rats

House bugs: Bed Bugs, cockroaches and Fleas

Flying insects: Wasps, Flies, and Moths


Mice Treatment Manchester

Mice mostly visit your home in search of food and shelter, and they can spread diseases, particularly in kitchen and food storage areas. Mice can damage insulation, pipes, doors, and floorboards. Pathogens found in urine and saliva of mice can transmit Hantavirus and salmonellas.

If you are facing mice problems in your property, there are many ways to deal with it. You can use poison, traps, or mice repellent products.


Rat Termination Services

Rats can chew anything they find. If they enter your property, they can spread diseases, create damage, and contaminating your food. There are many other problems; it is vital to eliminate rats as fast as possible. Leptospirosis is a disease that is transmitted by rat’s urine and droppings.

If you want to make your property secure from rats, you should work on removing all the potential entrances. Keep your dust bin covered and keep your food and water covered.


Approximately 2,500 species of moths are found in the UK, and most of them are harmless. However, a few of them can cause damage to textiles and stored food products. There is no evidence that moths can have some health risks.

Cloth moths can severely damage natural fibers (silk, wool, or cotton) in carpets, clothes, fabrics, and leather items. You can use repellent products to deal with moths.


How to Stop Bed Bugs

Bed bug treatment service in manchesterIt is believed that bed bugs have existing for 1,000 years and have perfect hitchhiking and hiding skills. Beg Bugs feed on blood. Female bed bugs frequently bite to develop their eggs. The population of beg bugs is increasing worldwide. Bedbugs are now a common issue in student accommodations, care homes, and apartments.

Bedbug bites are not connected with any health issues; however, you may notice rashes on your arm that can lead to secondary infection if you scratch it.

You cannot deal with bedbugs yourself; you will need to take help from professionals.


Wasp nest removal

Wasp nest removal Being stung by wasps is very common. Wasps are sometimes mistaken for bees and other stinging insects. Wasps make their nests in houses (typically lofts), wooden decking areas, garages, and other places where people like to gather. Wasps are active in summer.

If someone tries to disturb their nests, they will attack in large numbers. It is best to treat nests early before they increase their population.



It is not an easy task to stop flies from entering your property. There are some species of files able to mature from egg just in 7 days. You can take a proactive approach if you want to get rid of flies.



There are 650 species of spiders in the UK, and most of them are not dangerous. There are very rare cases of spider bite in the UK, and if someone gets spider bite, it has very little effect. Spiders can be easily recognized by their eight legs.

Cockroach treatment

pest control manchesterCockroaches love to live in warm places; they carry a number of diseases that can be quite serious to humans. Cockroaches can bring food poisoning, allergies, dysentery, fungus, and viruses.

Sometime you may notice an unpleasant odor behind appliances or in store cupboards. Once you notice cockroaches, you should take urgent steps to stop them.


How to remove Ants

Ants are not a big problem as they don’t carry any diseases. They travel in search of food. You can cover up tiny holes in your property if you don’t want ants to enter your home or business.


Pigeon control and irradiation

pigeon controlPigeon droppings can cause a lot of damage to buildings, car paint, clogging gutters, and ruining the woodwork. Their droppings can cause respiratory problems and allergies in all age groups. You can take steps to keep pigeons away from your property. First of all, remove all food sources and water sources for pigeons. You can use natural repellents to scare them. On areas such as balconies pigeon netting can be installed to stop them landing.


Damage caused by Pests

Pests can cause structural damage to your house. If there is any wood structure in the home, pests will destroy it by chewing it or with their droppings. Mice and rats often chew underground electrical wiring in your home that can cause a short circuit and can burn your home.


Health risks

Pests can harm human health in different ways. Rats carry and spread diseases like hantavirus, which is a deadly respiratory disease. Salmonella is a bacterial infection that causes food poisoning, plague, and fever. Pests act as a carrier for allergens which irritates people with a weak immune system. Cockroaches are the carrier of many harmful bacteria such as salmonella and e-coli. Some pests like bed bugs and wasps etc. bite, and their bite can give your irritation and if you scratch that bitten place that can become infected.


Bradwell Maintenance 

Property Maintenance StockportBradwell maintenance is a Manchester-based property maintenance company. We offer pest control solutions to our customers. We have a professional, well trained, and experienced staff to deal with pest issues in properties. We can provide you quick and effective results. If you want to keep your family healthy and want to keep your property free from damages, call us now on 0161 711 0997 or email us at


Why you should hire a professional to deal with pests:

Sometimes dealing with pests can be harmful to you and your family as harmful chemicals are sometimes used for this purpose. Here are a few reasons why you should hire Bradwell maintenance.

  • Bradwell maintenance is offering great service to quickly and effectively remove your pest problem.
  • Bradwell’s maintenance pest control staff is professionally trained to do the task. If you try yourself, you may damage your property.
  • Bradwell maintenance uses harmless chemicals which are better than over the counter chemicals
  • You have no idea about the type of pest infiltrating in your property. Bradwell maintenance professionals can find out the exact specie and can launch a strategy against it.


Call us today on 0161 711 0997 or email us on for a free no obligation quote to solve your pest problem.


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