Gutter Cleaning – Why its so important.

Cleaning gutters out is an important job.  It is important to ensure that the water from your roof drains away correctly and doesn’t overflow and cause internal damp to the property.

To do the job they are supposed to do, gutters and downspouts need to be kept clear of leaves, moss and debris. If they are not kept clear drain outlets can backup up and rainwater will then fill the gutters and eventually pull the gutters loose or overflow casusing damp ingress into a property.

Inspecting and clearing gutters in both spring and just after autumn is advisable, especially if your property is close to trees, as the leaves can blow onto the roof and collect in the gutters.

Also the slope of the gutters needs to be checked and adjusted if required from time to time to keep water moving towards the downspouts.

Be sure that your downspouts expel water well away from your house.

It can be quite easy to forget about gutters until there is a problem. Regular maintenance will ensure that your gutters are performing properly and will avoid the requirement for future gutter repairs.

One of the most common causes of internal damp issues in a property is poorly functioning gutters. So,  if you are having issues with high level damp then it is definitely a good idea to have the gutters and roof checked.

If gutters are left blocked or damaged for a long time the issues can be serious and the water ingress can even result in structural damage.

Top Tips for checking gutters;

  • Step outside when its raining hard to see if your gutters appear to be functioning as they should. Check all gutters front, back and sides.
  • Look for leaking joints and issues with water running down brickwork.
  • Look for any loose downpipes that could have been damaged by wind.
  • Check drains for any obvious blockages.
  • Consider having gutter or drain guards fitted, although they won’t stop all debris they can help to stop larger pieces of debris blocking pipes and gutters.
  • The best time to check gutters is in the spring (as wind and heavy snow can weaken gutters) and just before winter (once the autumn leaves have fallen).
  • Remember, regular maintanence will result in less serious issues and ensure that your gutters are functioning correctly.

If you would like us to arrange for your gutters to be checked and maintained please do not hesitate to get in touch.






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