Gas Safety Certificates

A Gas Safety Certificate (GSCs) is a gas safety verification certificate that is used to prove that a finished, connected gas installation or a section of the gas installation is safe for consumer use. This certificate affirms that the entire gas infrastructure or system is safe and adheres to the terms and conditions or rules set by the Gas Safety and Measurement Regulations (GSMRs) of the year 2010.

Equally, in the case where a gas connection was previously installed and set for consumer use, the gas certificate affirms that the entire connection and installation is safe and does not compromise the safety of any other types of installations in the house or building, for example, electrical system.

GSMRs necessitate that every gas fitting process to have a GSC, subsequent to the completion of the gas connections. Furthermore, the individual handling the gas connections, or the supervisor, if the individual is working under a certified supervisor, they must provide a GSC that shows that they are satisfied that the entire connection process and installation or a section of the installation is safe for consumer use and has not entirely tampered with any other section of the gas installation or connections.

In case the individual mandated with the gas installation process or a section of the installation is not satisfied with the safety of the entire gas connections or installation, terming it unsafe for consumer use, and that it has tampered with the safety of other sections of installation, GSMRs requires that the individual disconnects the entire gas installation or a section of the installation of gas supply without further delay.

What does Gas Safety Certificates (GSCs) entail?

According to regulation 52B (3) of the GSMRs, the following are the pointers of what the gas certification necessitate for homeowners or occupiers:

  • Regulation 85A stipulates that GSC, as well as any Certificates of Compliance (CoC), for a gas installation could be merged into one. There is no need to reproduce data, for example, addresses.
  • In case the individual offering to grant the GSC is not contented that conformity has been attained, he or she must cut off the gas installation or any section of the installation, with immediate effect.
  • GSCs must be granted immediately the gas installation process or a section of the installation process is completed and that gas connection is made with the gas supply, which is within 20 workdays, subsequent to gas connection.
  • The individual mandated with giving out the GSC are required to give a copy to the customer or the homeowner, in case the customer is inaccessible under 20 workdays.
  • All the GSCs should be stored by the individual mandated with giving it out, at least for seven years. The record can be in either soft copy (digital format) or hard copy (printed form).
  • The individual mandated with giving out GSCs are required to give a copy of the certificate within seven days upon a request made by the individuals mentioned in the regulation 52I.

Statistics of Accidental Deaths in the UK from Faulty Gas Appliances

In reference to the Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society, most of the gas accidents and deaths are witnessed in homes where gas dangers are common. Faulty boilers cause many examples of deaths and accidents.

According to the Gas Safety Society, there is an urgent need for the creation of awareness of gas safety. This entails having gas appliances safety assessed at least annually by a certified and registered Gas Safe engineers.

In this regard, as a homeowner or rental occupier, you must be conscious about the individual installing your gas connections. Is he certified and qualified? Studies show that about 25 million illegal gas connections and installations were done in the UK in the year 2018. They are putting the lives of millions of people living in the UK at risk. Studies show that so many people in the UK are not aware of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and how to address emergency issues.

best plumber in manchesterStatistics show that one out of every nine boilers, assessed by Gas Safe Engineers, is unsafe for consumer use in the UK. Furthermore, by the year 2018, about 61% of homeowners in the UK had not had their boilers serviced for safety maintenance. Millions of illegal gas filters have been installed in many homes in the UK. Moreover, every year, 50 people lose their lives as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, while over 4000 people are taken in hospitals for emergency care. Equally, gas fires are known to be the highest risk in the UK, and one in every two gas installations assessed by Gas Safe Engineers are unsafe for consumer use.

While the above statistics seem shocking, a whopping 40% of people living in the UK are not aware of what they should do when faced with CO poisoning in their homes. As if it is not enough, almost 27 million people in the UK do not have a CO alarm installed in their homes. Equally, most of the CO alarms that some homes own are said to be faulty, further jeopardizing safety issues. Surprisingly, 1 out of every three landlords is not informed about the importance of having GSC. This is why the Gas Emergency Service receives almost 1.6 million emergency calls annually in the UK.

The statistics tell the reason why it is incredibly crucial to ensure that your gas appliance is assessed by certified and Registered Gas Safe Engineer, at least annually.

Role of Landlords in issuing of GSCs

Every landlord is required to have all the gas outlets or connections inspected by a certified engineer, who is mandated to issue them with a GSC. This is a check that is needed every year. A copy of the GSC should be provided to every tenant immediately they begin their tenancy. On the same note, all the appliances that fail to pass the assessments must be disconnected without delay. They should be fixed, and when they are proven to be set correctly and up to standards, the gas supply should be reconnected, which follows a thorough gas safety check by certified or licensed personnel.

What happens when a Landlord fails to adhere to the issuing of GSCs?

By law, no one is allowed to begin their tenancy without a GSC. The landlord is required to ensure that the gas certification process is finished and that every tenant is issued with a copy of the certificate before they start assuming occupancy of the house. The landlord must provide every tenant the certificate within a period of not more than 28 days, immediately after the gas assessment and certification process is finished. Most of all, the certificate must be kept for a period of two years.

When a landlord fails to comply with these set riles, he or she can face prosecution or be fined up to £5000. This is because he or she is considered negligent and perceived to be endangering the lives of tenants in the building, especially if the equipment is faulty. Failure to follow the set rules of gas assessment and certification by licensed persons may contribute to a penalty of death and a harsh conviction of the landlord for the illegal killing of innocent people.

How can Bradwell Maintenance help?

As Bradwell Maintenance, we do not provide GSCs, but we own a roaster of qualified gas safe engineers, who can create GSC on your behalf. You shouldn’t to worry about the restoration of your GSC. We have a matchless system that keeps you in the know on your certificate’s expiry dates, therefore, guaranteeing that you are always up to date and well served. Bradwell Maintenance can arrange GSCs in Manchester and anywhere in the UK. Therefore, we got you covered!

We issue all tenants with your gas certificate in your welcome package as you move into a new house. Even if you are a non-rental, we will help you to meet the gas safety regulation standards. The best thing with all our contractors is that they are all correctly certified to issue GSC. Your safety is our priority.

What sets Bradwell Maintenance apart in the Industry?

One crucial factor that sets us apart in this industry is that we have been in the industry for quite some time. We have mastered the regulations and have always adhered to all the provisions, leaving all our clients in full compliance. We believe that your safety is paramount. That’s why we employ licensed and certified engineers and contractors in the industry. The following are some of the brief reasons why our customers enjoy working with us:

  • Matchless and with a massive understanding of local terrain;
  • Outstanding customer service and support;
  • Unrivaled connection with certified consultants and contractors;
  • Best possible pricing;
  • Very efficient with our service response and performance;
  • We fit in customer schedules perfectly.

Wrapping up,

GSC is exceptionally crucial, whether you are a tenant or a non-rental. Gas appliances can put your life and that of your family at risk, primarily if you do not ensure that your gas connection and installation is done by a certified and registered Gas Safe Engineer. You also must continue adhering to gas safety compliance after every year by involving certified personnel and receive the GSC.

As Bradwell Maintenance, you can count on us. Contact us now. Our customer representatives are ready to pick your call and give you a free consultation.

Simply speak to us, and leave everything to us. Call us on 0161 711 0997.


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