Gardening Service Manchester

Gardening Service Manchester

One of the most important things about gardening is that it provides us food and plants are natural filters of air. If there are no plants on our planet, we can’t breathe. If there are no plants to filter the air, pollution present in the air would kill us. In other words, plants are the source of life for us.

Gardening involves physical activities like planting, weeding, harvesting, and watering. Gardening can be a good exercise for you. We all know the importance of fruits and vegetables for our bodies. If we grow fruit and vegetable plants for ourselves, it can be healthy as it possibly can be. Another thing is that if we purchase organic vegetables of fruits from the market, it can be costly. We can reduce this cost by growing fruit and vegetables in our garden.

Importance of Garden Maintenance

People from all over the world are facing a physical problem. A few years back, life expectancy was over 80 years, and before that, people lived for more than 100 years. Food adulteration is considered one of the reasons for this problem. Due to the adulteration of food, many dangerous bacteria enter the human body and create diseases in the human body. If you want to keep yourself free from adulteration, you should eat fresh food. That’s why gardening can provide you fresh and organic food to keep you disease-free.

Jogging and morning walk keeps your heart healthy, and the person with a healthy heart is at low risk from stroke and heart attack. Similarly, gardening also adds these benefits in your life.

Landscaping service stockportFlowers are a symbol of beauty. Everyone loves flowers. They make us relaxed, and their fragrance takes all worries by adding a sense of happiness.

If you’re managing your garden yourself, then you don’t need to visit any gym as gardening activities are enough to maintain your body fitness.

Doctors and health-conscious people prefer eating organic food; this is because organic food contains more beneficial nutrients and vitamins as there are no chemicals used in organic food while producing, and it is preservatives free. Organic food is good for the environment. Organic Gardening practices reduce pollution, conserve water, reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and use less energy. Gardening without pesticides is also better for nearby birds and animals as well as people who live close to farms.

Tips for gardening – Landscaping Company Manchester

Some people randomly pick a spot and start planting, there are some preferences for growing plants, and no one should ignore these preferences.

Assessing sunlight and shades 

Before planting trees it is important to check the sun exposure into your garden. At least 6 hours of sun exposure per day is preferable for fruit trees, and some plants like citrus plants need special care in intense sunlight. Some crops like potatoes, mint, mushrooms, and basil, can grow well in the shades.

What crops are best to grow in your area? 

As you know that soil and weather condition is not the same for every city, before growing plants research that what plants are best to grow in your area. If you try to grow a plant outside its zone, you will end in wasting time and money.

Testing your soil

gardening companySoil can be sandy, clay, or loamy. What is the PH of soil? These things determine what plants can be grown and what possible diseases can affect your garden on the type of soil or due to its PH. You can check soil type and PH yourself, but if you don’t know how to do this, there are soil testing labs present in many areas, you can take their help for this purpose.

Gardening Services Manchester

Once you have assessed all the environmental factors, now it’s time to focus on your planting strategy. In the beginning, you can start from container/pot gardening, as it is easier than in-ground gardening. Container gardening can be beneficial in many ways like water availability issues, sunlight issues (you can easily shift in the sun or can change its side if the plant is too much exposed with the sun). Once your plants are well grown in the container, you can easily shift them into the ground.

Why it’s the best time to cut your lawn?

Spring has arrived, and it’s the best time to look after your lawn, as in summer our lawn is going to host parties, provide a space to play, read and relax. In winter, there was a little sunshine, and your garden looks neglected before your lawns first cut of the year clear all the mess like dead sticks, leaves, and any rubbish present there. Check your lawn and make sure there are no objects like stones, thick branches, or any other thing that can damage the mower blade. Keeping the mower blade sharp is vital as the damage a dull blade can cause could be detrimental to the grass.

The first two weeks of April are popular times to give the garden a trim. While trimming your garden, don’t forget about the edges. Trim the edges straight after mowing.

Don’t water your lawn immediately after trimming; you should only water your lawn when it needs watering if there is enough moisturizer in the air you should not water it. There are a few guidelines you should follow while watering your garden.

  • Watering in the evening or night can lead to fungal problems as grass have no time to get dry.
  • If you are thinking about watering your garden in the middle of the day due to the hot light of sun water will get evaporated, and your lawn will not get enough water
  • The best time to water your lawn is in the morning as the sun is not too hot and water can easily travel to the roots before drying up.

Get Your Lawn ready for spring

  • lawn treatmentBe sure your lawnmower is ready is for the summer season, perform an early tune-up, replace the spark plug, install a new air filter, scrape clean the underside of the mowing deck, and sharpen the blades.
  • Apply a pre-emergent herbicide. This will help your lawn to avoid weeds taking over your lawn. Good quality pre-emergent herbicides work for three months, and you will need to apply it again during the summer.
  • To make your lawn healthy, apply fertilizer in the spring. But make sure that fertilizer matches the requirements of your soil.
  • If there are some bare spots in the lawn, fill the bare spots in the spring, and they will be covered in the summer.
  • While cutting grass for the first time of the year don’t cut it too short, raise the mowing deck to its highest settings, Cutting grass too short, can weaken early-spring grass plants, causing stunted growth and dull colour.


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Bradwell Maintenance can help you with all kinds of garden support and maintenance if you are not able to do this yourself or don’t have the time or inclination! In addition to general gardening we can trim hedges, cut down trees and replace fence panels.

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