3 Essential Steps To Prepare Your Room For Painting

We all like to redecorate our rooms from time to time to keep up with the latest trends, but do we always take the vital steps to ensure a long-lasting vibrant room?

None of us ever think of preparing our rooms for painting as it is an easy thing to forget or skip. However, if you do it right the first time it will save you both time and money in the long run.

Manchester Decorators

Our expert Manchester decorators at Bradwell Maintenance make it their priority to prepare your room in the best possible way to keep your room looking fresh and professional in the years to come. To do this they use three main steps: mapping, filling and sanding.


What do these three steps entail?

  • Mapping

Painter for rental apartment manchesterNone of us realise how dirty our rooms get over the years, even though we hoover our carpets and dust our surfaces, our walls are often neglected. This is due to the air rising in our houses because of convection, and with this convection small particles of dust and dirt are travelling with it and landing on the surfaces of our walls. Therefore, mapping a wall before painting over it allows us to get rid of all that dirt so it is not being built up under the new layers of paint.

Our Manchester decorators and painters make sure to use the best mapping method by soaking the walls with a specialist sugar soap. This allows for any flaky plaster, excess wallpaper, dirt or peeling paint to be removed.

By the end of this vital stage the surfaces are completely clear of grease and dirt and prevents you from having to take any action in the future to clear built up dust. Therefore, the hours spent doing this process are beneficial to you as it allows us to move onto the next stage.


  • Filling

This step is also essential to get you walls feeling new and fresh again. Even though we all like to personalize our houses by putting up photos, bookcases, shelves etc. It can damage the strength and overall look of the room. Once a room has been cleared, there will often be cracks, holes from nails, dentures and more.

By using the technique of filling, our decorators can fill in those holes and smooth them over to give the room a smooth matte feel. This also restores some strength back into the walls and allows you to totally rearrange your room without feeling the need to hide any damages in your walls with furniture or pictures. Once our decorators have completed this step the filler in the wall will have to dry completely before performing the final step.


  • Sanding

The process of sanding is the most neglected part of preparing a room for painting as it requires special equipment and can be time consuming. However, it is the most vital part of preparation. Our Manchester decorators have all had the training and years of experience to execute the process of sanding to a high standard.

This process of sanding helps to make your walls look and feel as smooth as possible and to go over where there might be any more flaking in the walls. The process of sanding is particularly targeted at the recently filled areas and leaves your room with a professional and smooth finish. Once this process has been completed our team of decorators will clean up all the residue and dust from the sanding process to help keep your room clean and tidy.

Finally, once all the steps have been completed your room is well prepared for our Manchester painting and decorating team to proceed with the decoration process.


Painters and Decorators in Manchester

Decorator TamesideDon’t worry! Our expert team have got you covered!

If a room is freshly plastered and is dry (meaning, there are no dark spots) it needs priming before you can paint on it.

Priming is an essential preparation for decorating a room if it has been recently plastered as it allows the paint to cover the wall properly. If you do not prime your walls the plaster will soak up the paint and you will have to do a lot more coats of paint to achieve lots more coats (which ultimately means having to spend more money on paint).

Within this priming of your walls, our excellent team will do two mist coats over your walls, which consist of 40% water and 60% paint and helps block the plaster from soaking up further paint and ensure a vibrant and clean looking wall in contrast to a dull short- term colour on the wall.

Again, with the process of priming your walls will stay looking fresh and vibrant for longer and therefore is cost effective and time efficient for you.


What will my Manchester Decorators be like?

At Bradwell Maintenance we have highly experienced and well-trained decorators who will help you prepare your walls for painting. All our team have had years of experience in both the domestic and commercial areas and they will treat your property with respect.

As a company we make sure that all our team take pride in clearing up after themselves and so your property will be left spotless and ready for you to use right after they have left. Moreover, they all have the experience and training necessary for the use of tools and equipment needed for the decorating process and take pride in the work that they do.


If you have queries about the decorating process or want a free quote for any decoration works in the Manchester area, you can contact us at info@bradwellmaintenance.co.uk or call us on 0161 711 0997.

If you are also interested in working as part of our Greater Manchester team please do not hesitate to contact us.


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